About Us

Dr. Medical Journal is an online platform to help people know about the various streams in medicine as well as the top-rated and essential products for the practicing doctors. We came up with the idea of establishing a medium through which we can educate people aspiring to take up medicine, having queries related to the courses and other information related to medical schooling. The right guidance is always beneficial, and at Dr. Medical Journal, we aspire to create blogs that are helpful to people. Laura Holland, the author of the website, is pursuing physical therapy and has some wonderful insights about the course along with other science streams.

The primary aim behind coming up with such a website was to share the knowledge, help people in finding the right products and educating them to make the right choices. We understand how stressful it can become to make choices, and hence our platform is dedicated to the people who love everything about medicine and science. We also make blogs that can help with finalizing a road map for your career as well as the ones that could help you get the knowledge about specific courses. 

Deciding on which course to opt for after high school can become overwhelming for some. And so we have got you all covered, our team curates the topics that are frequently asked, and after thorough research, we come up with the blog for the same. 

You can also write to us about the topics you would want to know about or any other query related to it. All the views expressed in the blogs are the writer’s perception and are produced after extensive research. We hope this website helps you to find the answers you are looking for. Contact us to know more about us.

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