Best Music System for Doctors Office – Know Best Options

The doctor’s office is the most intimidating place as you are surrounded by sterilized white color walls and nurses that subdue you more than a police officer. If your practicing office has a similar ambiance, then we would suggest you go for the best music system for doctors office that helps relax the nerves of anxious patients. Music is the best way to make you less tense and forget about the reason for anxiety.

Ideally, speakers in office need to be of good quality should spread the music around on all corners, easy to connect to PC, or can be placed in the wall or ceiling. Another requirement doctor’s office background music player is the Bluetooth addon to help connect one or more devices at a push of a button. If you are searching for such high-quality speaker equipped with all the latest features, then you might want to take out some time and read our list of best Bluetooth Speakers.

Best Music System for Doctors Office

1. Edifier R1280DB Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1280DBFirst, in the list of Bluetooth ceiling speakers is the Edifier R1280DB designed for smaller areas and used primarily with desktop PCs. The speakers designed to emit a sound for a cozy surrounding, which is what one needs at the doctor’s office. On the first look, you will notice the opulent design of these Bluetooth speakers constructed using MDF along with wood-textured vinyl wrap. Edifier R1280DB speakers have Bluetooth connectivity, remote control, digital inputs, and analog. Easy to install, with 42W output, these speakers are great to create a comfortable ambiance for your patients.

Edifier R1280DB comes with these following features:

  • 2.0 speaker system for crystal clear sound quality with decent bass to create a nice cozy ambiance.
  • Offering a variety of features like woofer, tweeter per speaker, digital and analog inputs all available at reasonable price.
  • As it offers Bluetooth connectivity, you can control the device from your phone or PC.
  • You can choose the Edifier R1280DB in black or wood effect finish.


2. Bose Companion 2 Series III Powerful Speaker

Bose Companion 2 Series IIIBose – one word that defines good music. The company is known for creating a compact but the loudest speaker that emits a sound to make you fall in love with all kinds of melodies. Bose® Companion® 2 Series III are speakers that you can attach with a PC or laptop. They are lightweight, portable, and have an additional 3.5 minijack stereo, which you can use when you want to play music with another smart device. The construction of the speaker is reliable and angled in a way that it covers the surrounding area to create a beautiful settings.

Bose Companion, 2 Series III Speaker, comes with these following features:

  • Bose is known to deliver superior quality audio speaker that delivers crystal sound in the surrounding area.
  • Speakers are portable, lightweight, but super powerful.
  • Connect an additional device with the help of auxiliary input.
  • The Control volume button and additional jack port is placed on the front of the right speaker of easy accessibility.


3. Pyle Flush Mount In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers

Pyle 8” 4 Bluetooth Flush MountWaiting rooms usually give anxiety to patients, so why not try to relax their nerves with waiting room music played on Ple Ceiling Speakers. Play flush mount 8″ speakers are easy to install on the ceiling; it can also be concealed in a wall with the white color. Pyle Speakers are Bluetooth compatible, so no ugly wires poking out from the side deck. The speakers are designed to play clear music, and with four speakers, you can let the music flow from every angle to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Pyle Flush Speakers comes with these following features:

  • The Pyle speaker has built-in Bluetooth, which can be connected to only one device through which you can stream soothing music.
  • Perfect doctor’s office background music player that is barely visible on the wall or ceiling.
  • The package comes with changeable grills that are stain-resistant and easy to replace as per the interior of the office.
  • Just use the pre-cut templates to connect the speaker with the help of fixing clips.
  • Best office speaker with great customer reviews and available at an affordable rate.


4. Sony CMTSBT100 Stereo Sound System

Sony Micro Hi-Fi Stereo Sound SystemAnother company that is known for its excellent sound system comes with speakers that will become the bridge between past and present. Some people still love to hear the radio or play their favorite CD. If you are among those then it’s time to invest in the Sony CMTSBT100. This sound system is relatively simple with the latest like Bluetooth support, USB, NFC, and old features, including CD port, AM/FM that will take you back in time. 

Sony CMTSBT100 Stereo Sound System comes with these following features:

  • Classic looking stereo design with a patent sony sound system that is known for its excellent music quality.
  • The speakers have wood-body that absorbs the vibration and removable fabric grills that are easy to clean.
  • Highlighting features include Bluetooth connectivity, USB, NFC, including other classic elements of AM/FM and CD port.


5. Pyle PT930U 70V System Audio Power Amplifier

Pyle PT930U 70VIf you have a reputed doctor’s office with more than 50 patients visiting a day, your receptionist would need a speaker that does more than playing waiting room music. Under such circumstances, one needs a machine that can connect to the speaker and mic in one to go to play music, also call the name of the patients simultaneously. The Pyle PT930U is a system that is filled with features like a USB port, micro SD card, tape decker, CD player, audio input, RCA audio input, and five additional microphone inputs to make announcements. This is an ideal system of any medical office that wants to handle staff and patients without creating a rucksack. 

70V System Audio Power Amplifier comes with these following features:

  • Pyle PT930U is a powerful multi-channel amplifier for commercial and office purposes.
  • This sound system comes with 16 useful features like a USB port, SD card, MP3 player, RCA, Tape Decker, Tuner, CD Player, five microphone inputs, and much more.
  • With the use of Speaker push terminal, you can easily connect to one or more speakers to play clear music in a more significant area.
  • If you are using the mic to give out instructions in the office, use the voice priority button to nullify the background noise so that the instructions are heard more clearly.
  • Other small features like the manual control panel to modify the tone, master volume bass, treble, five mic AUX-in with each knob, and LCD digital display


Final Verdict

Our list of Bluetooth Wall/Ceiling Speakers is picked based on their latest features, sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity to one or more devices, and mic support. We tried to list down all the main features of each product so that you can pick the speaker that offers you a perfect solution for the office music system. As per our team, the best buy will be the Bose Companion 2 Series III Powerful Speaker known for delivering the excellent sound quality and Pyle930U, which offers you great speaker and mic inputs. Let us know your views on this list and also if there is any product you wish us to add. 

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