Best Shoes for Physical Therapist: Top Nursemates Shoes Reviews of 2020

The long working hours for doctors, physical therapists and nurses demand footwear that could be worn all day long without feeling tired. As physical therapists working in hospitals, healthcare or clinics have long hours of standing and working, there is a requirement of durable and comfortable shoes. It becomes crucial for such people to invest in good quality and comfy footwear. Unlike the people who have regular hours of job, the therapists and doctors have to opt for a shoe that has good sole and high arch to support their feet.

Best Shoes for Physical Therapist

Apart from the sole, it is also vital to invest in the shoes that can be worn in harsh winters or monsoon. So if you are looking for one such pair then my friend you are the right place. Although brands do no make shoes specifically for physical therapists or doctors, the shoes that are meant for long hours can serve the purpose. These shoes are designed keeping the busy schedule of the people working in healthcare. After searching and going through several options, I have made a list of the best shoes for physical therapists. Go through the list and find the one that you like and fits in your budget.

1. Natural Uniforms Ultralite Women’s Clogs

Natural Uniforms Ultralite Women’s ClogsThe first option on this list for the best shoes for physical therapists is this Natural Uniforms Ultralite women’s clogs. The brand is popular among the masses for its quality products. These clogs are made up of synthetic material and are super comfortable. As these Best Shoes for Physical Therapistshoes have shock dispersion sole, it reduces the chances of fatigue in legs and feet. Also, it is easy to clean these clogs as it comes with a removable insole.  Non-marking sole and molded footbed in the shoes provide support to the feet. It is a great option to choose at such a price point as the quality is topnotch and the footwear is durable.

Key features:

  • The clogs are made from 100% Eva foam, which makes it water-resistant and comfortable to wear all day long.
  • It is available in all sizes for women and different colors such as Black, Lilac, White, Navy Blue, White, Aqua, Chocolate and others.
  • The shoes are slip-resistant with high-arch to give support to the heels as well as footbed support.
  • These Ultralite clogs have adjustable heel straps to avoid slipping and giving a proper fit to the ones that are wearing it.
  • This footwear is also suitable for nurses, doctors and anyone else who works as a gardener.


2. Bodatu Slip Resistant Work Shoes for Physical Therapist

Bodatu Slip Resistant Work ShoesThe next option on this list is Unisex and can be worn both by men as well as women. This stylish and durable pair of shoes do not only look great but are also comfortable to wear for long hours. It has a generous and roomy fit, so one doesn’t feel their feet heavy while wearing these shoes. The material used in the making of these shoes is of high quality and can withstand the harsh weather conditions too. Physical therapists who are looking for a decent pair of shoes in a classic black color can definitely opt for this one. The options are available for the boots with fur lining as well as without fur lining.

Key features:

  • The shoes have a unique high traction design to avoid and reduce slippage.
  • These pair of shoes are available in all sizes for men and women, check the size chart and order the one that is close to your original foot size.
  • As these work shoes have an easy slip-on design removing the boots and wearing them becomes a task for some seconds.
  • It has a raised back to ensure the proper fit of the shoes and avoid falling due to misfitting.
  • These shoes are oil-resistant and can be cleaned with ease by washing it or wiping it with dampened tissue.


3. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes for Physical Therapist

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes This alternative is for women exclusively. Dr.Scholl’s shoes are comfortable and have a rubber sole. The shoes have been rated best when it comes to cushioning and comfort for the people who work for long hours. The boots are slip-on and are designed to avoid fatigue in legs and feet. The crocs are built for giving support to heels while walking or standing. It has a slip-resistant lock step outsole that prevents slippage. This footwear is also oil-resistant and works well for people working outdoors as well. The built quality of the shoes is supreme and it is available in all the sizes as well in jet black color.

Key features:

  • The shoes are ultra-lightweight and made from 100% rubber.
  • It also has a pivoting strap that gives support to the heels while walking or standing.
  • The footbed of the shoes is contoured to give the maximum comfort to withstand the long working hours.
  • There is a non-marking outsole in the shoes that make it better than all the other options available in the market.
  • The shoes are also water-resistant and can be cleaned easily at home.


4. Lokijm Sneakers for women

Lokijm Sneakers for womenWho doesn’t love a cute pair of sneakers? Well, everyone does. This alternative is for women who like to wear something quirky as well as comfortable for their work. These pair of shoes are ideal for the ones who are bored with their black or white work footwear. These shoes are lightweight, soft, durable and flexible. The sole of the sneakers is also slip-resistant which is a requirement of the people working in the healthcare field. It is a slip-on canvas shoe that can be worn and removed easily when required. Although the shoes can be worn anywhere, avoid wearing them in rains. It is also suggested to avoid chemicals for cleaning or washing the shoes.

Key features:

  • The shoes are available in three quirky designs: Medical nurse sign, Colored medicines sign and Nurse logo design in all the US sizes.
  • The pair of sneakers has a soft and natural rubber sole that is suitable for wearing it indoors as well as outdoors.
  • One can wash these shoes with hands to clean the dirt and dust off them.
  • It can be a perfect holiday gift for your friends or family working as a nurse or physical therapist.
  • The sneakers give a good grip while walking.


5. JJzex Non-Slip Medical Shoes for Physical Therapist

JJzex Non-Slip Medical ShoesThe last alternative is for men working in the medical field. This footwear is made from the premium quality materials exclusively. The design of the shoes is simple and ideal for more shifts. The footwear comes in black and white color that goes with most of the dress codes at many hospitals or institutes. One can easily clean the shoes by washing it or wiping it with a wet tissue. This alternative is also suitable for people who work outdoors or do gardening.

Key features:

  • The shoes have a slip-on closure that is convenient for wearing it the entire day.
  • There is no lining in the shoes to give the utmost comfort to the working nurse, physical therapists, or chefs.
  • Both the insole and outsole of the shoes are made from Eva to ensure that the footwear has a good grip and it is also water-resistant.
  • The shoes are slip-proof and also oil-proof, which makes it suitable for all the work environments.
  • There is no heel in the shoes and the sizes fit true to the sizes mentioned in the size chart.


Concluding Remarks

Physical therapists might have some dress code if they are working in a hospital or institute. For such cases, one can opt for shoes or sneakers that go well with their uniforms. I prefer shoes as they are fully covered and protect your feet overall. Standing for long hours in clogs can become a little challenging. However, I have included all the different types of footwear in this list to give you the options for finding the best ones. Invest in a good pair of shoes as it will help you to get away with your long shifts without feeling tired or exhausted. Also, go through the size chart thoroughly before purchasing to get the ones that fit you properly.

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