Folding Medical Clipboard – 5 Best Nursing Folding Clipboard

If you are a nursing student or professional working in healthcare, then you might know how difficult it can get some time to keep all the records handy. Nurses and other medical staff needs to keep a lot of information and documents related to patients accessible. Initially, the professionals used the bulky clipboards, which were inconvenient, difficult to carry around and also had a less holding capacity. But with advances in every field, many brands came up with the foldable nurse clipboards. As the name suggests, this alternative of clipboards coming with the feature of folding up that makes it easy to carry it around in the pocket or a lab coat.

Foldable clipboards are not only time saviors but also help the medical professionals to quickly go through several documents and fund the required piece of information quickly. Like the traditional clipboards, these ones are lightweight and quite easy to use. So if you are looking for one such product that can make your professional life easy, then you can invest in a good nursing folding clipboard. To make it easier for you, I have curated a list of some of the top rates nurses clipboard with storage. You can also gift this to someone who is in the nursing profession or an aspiring nursing student.

Folding Medical Clipboard

1. Tribe RN Nursing Clipboard with Storage 

Tribe RN Nursing Clipboard with StorageThe nursing folding clipboard from this manufacturer has gained a lot of popularity due to its range of features and overall functionality. This folding clipboard is made for making it easy for aspiring nurses to do their work and keeping the information of patients in one place. The clipboard can come handy for the college-going students as well as the professionals. The size of the clipboard is ideal for keeping all the information and carrying it around with ease.

  • The clipboard is lightweight and is designed in such a way that it can store all your essential gears in one place.

  • It also features a color-coded cheat sheet that can help the nurses to get quick access to the needed information.

  • There is a spacious 1” internal storage that can be used to keep the patient information HIPPA compliant. 

  • There are three color options available for this folding clipboard: Mint, Black and Purple.

  • It also comes with lifetime access to the online exclusive resource library that can help you with clearing any query related to the work. As these resources have downloadable PDFs, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips.

  • Some buyers have found this clipboard a bit expensive as compared to the other options.


2. Whitecoat Pink Nursing Clipboard

Whitecoat Pink ClipboardWhiteCoat Clipboards is one of the known and trusted brands that have a wide range of clipboards for different professions such as nurses, physical therapy, medical, occupational therapy, pharmacy edition, and much more. This particular variant is ideal for medical students, health care professionals and nurses.  For making it convenient to use, it also has an additional feature of accessing the specific medical information given on the exterior of the clipboard. One can easily fold the clipboard and carry it with ease.

  • This folding nursing clipboard is lightweight and can be carried around with ease due to its aluminum construction.

  • It offers a full range of folding, making it easy for the nurses and other professionals to use it.

  • This nursing clipboard has a capacity of holding 50-100 sheets without any creasing.

  • There are several color options available for this clipboard, such as white, pink, black, wine, lilac, yellow, mint, coral and more.

  • The clipboard is powder-coated for giving that extra durability along with the solid surface for writing or noting down things with ease.

  • It is HIPPA compliant to keep all the information of the patients.

  • The buyers have received damaged products, but one can ask for an exchange or refund in that case.


3. Poneychoice Nursing Clipboard

Poneychoice ClipboardThe next alternative that you can consider for investing in an economical yet fully functional clipboard is this one by PoneyChoice. It has been designed especially for the medical students and nurses to keep all the data related to patients handy. The users have also praised the ease of use and the grip for using this nursing clipboard. One can also carry other physical forms, notes, documents, etc. Also, this clipboard can be used as a quick reference for accessing laboratory values, injection sites, pain scale and other such information.

  • This full-size nursing clipboard can be folded in half and stored in your pocket.

  • It is lightweight and made from recycled aluminum.

  • As this clipboard also has a powder coating, it is durable and will last longer.

  • This alternative has a HIPPA compliant design to hold all the information and documents of sensitive patients.

  • This folding nursing clipboard can hold up to 15 pieces of paper without causing any creasing and keep all the information secured.

  • There are no such cons for this product, and due to its positive reviews and feedbacks, it has also become a leading choice in the category of nursing folding clipboards.


4. Funmic Nursing Clipboard Foldable

Funmic medical Foldable ClipboardIf you are searching for a folding clipboard that can easily fit in your pockets, lab coats, or easy to carry around in clinics, then this alternative can be the one for you. Funmic has a range of clipboards in different editions for several professions. This particular clipboard is a nursing edition foldable clipboard that comes with all the features. It also has references, conversions, and values that are frequently required by the burses or the students. 

  • The folding clipboard has proper storage, as it can hold up to 30 pieces of paper to keep the essential documents and patient-related information.

  • It has 180 degrees lay flat design and a smooth aluminum surface that provides a stable surface for writing.

  • As it is a foldable one can fold it and store it in the pocket or even lab coat.

  • The clipboard is ideal for keeping the information confidential, handy and secure. 

  • The backside of this folding clipboard also has a color-coded reference cheat sheet that can help the nurses or professionals in accessing the desired information quickly.

  • The aluminum construction of this clipboard can be a little fragile to handle and is smaller in size as compared to the other options on this list.


5. Jebblas Folding Solid Clipboard

Jebblas Folding Solid ClipboardThe last option on this list is this folding nursing clipboard from Jebblas. Like other alternatives on this list, this one is also a completely foldable clipboard. This alternative is quite affordable and also doesn’t creases the pages or documents. 

  • The clipboard can be folded easily and features sturdy aluminum construction.

  • Folding the clipboard from the middle doesn’t cause any creasing or folding in the paper.

  • It is lightweight, compact and portable, thus making it easy for the nurses, doctors and other medical professionals to keep records.

  • The manufacturers have also mentioned the size of this clipboard so that one can decide according to the documents you want to keep in it.

  • Unlike other options, this clipboard doesn’t come with a cheat sheet or any other additional references to help you with accessing the data quickly.


Which one to choose?

Making a choice between these and other alternatives can be a bit challenging as there are no significant differences in the clipboards. However, you can keep the following factors in mind while making the purchase:

  • Measurement and specifications of the clipboard
  • Recommended use 
  • Capacity to hold papers or documents
  • Size of the clipboard
  • Functionality
  • Reviews and price point

Some aspiring nursing students might need a smaller clipboard, and for that, they can opt for the alternative that comes in a smaller size. Whereas the people who are already professionals and have hectic schedules can invest in large sizes and make the most of it. All the clipboards mentioned in this list are foldable, so storing it will not be an issue. Make sure to check the reviews and ratings of the alternative to make an informed decision.

Concluding Remarks

I have tried and mentioned as many top-rated alternatives in this list that are affordable and durable. While all the clipboards are worth the price, they come for, but if there is one that I had to pick it up, I will go ahead with the one by WhiteCoat Clipboards. Their clipboards are durable and are packed with all the required features. I hope this article helps to find the best nursing folding clipboard.

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