How Much Does Myheritage Cost: Get the Total Price Here

Have you heard of the online service MyHeritage that deals with DNA testing? In 2003, this genealogy service was launched through which you can look at the historical records and pictures in great amounts, create family trees, and upload photos. You will come to know about your ancestors with the help of search and research tools delivered by MyHeritage. In a number of ways, you have the right to use the service of MyHeritage.

The data of MyHeritage covers the records of birth, marriage, death, military, immigration, census, legal records, yearbooks, guides, directories, newspapers, family trees, photos, maps and documents.

Data that MyHeritage Covers

You will come to know more about your past by making use of MyHeritage subscription-based website. You can order the MyHeritage DNA test kit which works on the principle of direct-to-customer. As a result, at your doorstep, you will get a kit of personal sample collection. In near about 20-30 days you will get the final report, and this test will cost you 99$.

Now you must be thinking about the MyHeritage subscription cost. Here I will make you aware of the MyHeritage cost so that you can make access to this DNA testing service.

How Much Does Myheritage Cost?

MyHeritage Cost

In DNA companies, MyHeritage is considered one of the best ancestries. MyHeritage subscription plan includes a free plan, MyHeritage premium subscription, and MyHeritage premium plus subscription.

After receiving the report, you can work on the plan of MyHeritage subscription. Let’s move ahead to discuss the MyHeritage subscription cost in detail.

MyHeritageSubscription Cost

  • Free Plan – It is free to use the essential features of MyHeritage. So if you order its test or from another company, you transfer the results of DNA, you don’t have to pay to the MyHeritage method. In your family tree, you can have a maximum of 250 people and a limited storage space of 500 MB as MyHeritage holds a limit. Though without any extra fees you can contact your inherited matches.
  • MyHeritage Premium subscription – Up to 2.500 potential relatives you can grow your family tree by making use of this plan. You can access the family tree builder premium and can enjoy quicker answers. It is payable yearly, and per month it charges 9.17$.
  • MyHeritage Premium Plus subscription – This plan takes along infinite family trees and allows you to improve your previous option. In one click you can add wide-ranging branches to your family trees. To instant discoveries, you can enjoy unlimited access. This useful tool charges 10.95$ monthly and to be paid annually.


I hope this article helps you to know the different plans offered by MyHeritage and the subscription cost of the same. This tool holds billions of historical records as it enjoys the rich ancestral database. Once-a-month it will cost 13.27$ for accessing the database. Year after year, the bill is paid. For the first year, you can enjoy the discount. 

If you are looking for the easiest way to arrange your family site, then I would suggest that you can create a free account on the website of You can choose any plans of your choice according to your preference and requirement.

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