Is Dental School Harder Than Medical School – Know the Best!

Students who take-up medicine often find it challenging to keep up with the subjects and the courses. While the field of medicine is challenging, if studied with the right mindset and focus, it can be managed well. So although there are several sub-branches in it, there is a constantly asked question that “ Is dental school harder than medical school ?” And the answer to it is partly yes and partly no. Now you might be wondering why so, hence, let us discuss both these categories and see what the key differences are.

Dental School VS. Medical School Difficulty

Dental School VS. Medical School

  • Students taking up MBBS and dentistry often share common classes at the beginning of their degree. These courses help in understanding the general anatomy and basics of medicine. But as the course progresses, students enrolled in B.D have to take up subjects that focus primarily studying oral medicine, which is a study to diagnose, prevent and treat the diseases or disorders of the oral cavity.
  • Now, as the dental school shifts its entire focus on a particular part of the human body, many students find it difficult and rather boring. While on the other hand, students who have enrolled in MBBS also have vast subjects like Human Physiology, Anatomy, and much more. So when it comes to comparing courses and disciplines involved, both the fields have an equal difficulty level.
  • Coming to the practicals, dentists often complain about starting the practicals much earlier in their schooling, whereas the first two years in medical school are classroom learning. Getting hands-on experience is vital for both the fields as only then can the students be prepped for real-time situations. However, dentists are expected to learn these practical skills much before the doctors and hence it makes them difficult for them to manage the classroom learning with it. Students in medical school also need to complete the clinical training, which takes much time than an aspiring dentist would take. 
  • When we compare the timeline of both the degrees, it is different in different countries. Bachelors in dentistry is of four years generally, whereas MBBS courses also have the same timeline. So anyone going to dental or medical school will take the same time to complete their respective degrees.
  • Medical students often have lengthy subjects as their courses cover the entire human anatomy while the dentistry is narrowed down as it is niche-specific. 
  • Many students in medical school feel that it is difficult than other medicine branches as they have to study about everything regarding the human body. And this brings us to the other frequently asked question, which I have addressed below.

Is Dental School Harder Than Medical School?

Honestly, there is no one-word answer to it. Getting into any school can be easier if you have performed well in the entrances and other tests. All the universities and colleges have cut-offs that one needs to get to get into any one of these schools. This varies from country to country. But both these courses require a high GPA to get admissions.

Final Verdict

Dental school can seem harder for the students due to the hectic lecture and clinic schedules, but it is the same for medical students too. If you are someone who is aspiring to take up the noble medicine field, you should not be afraid of the long studying hours or working hours. 

No field is as rewarding as the field of science and although there will always be comparisons between two fields, never undermine someone else’s degree or course. Putting in efforts and studying time to time is crucial for completing any degree. So, no dental school is not harder than medical and the same applies to the vice-versa.

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